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Osaki 4000-T : Updated features for an improved user experience.

Massage on a regular basis can be pleasurable and most definitely beneficial to a person’s health. Electric massage chairs have been around in one form or another since before world war two.

Massage chairs like everything else due to market forces are always evolving. New technology plays a big part in this. Gone are the days when the only feature a massage chair had was vibration. One modern day massage chair worth looking at is the Osaki 4000-T.

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Luraco i7: Endless features for a perfect full body massage

The Luraco i7 Massage chair has an abundance of features that will give even the best massage therapists a run for their money. This chair is the only one in the industry that has been proven to provide pain relief and other medical benefits by qualified research professionals.

With the ability to relax muscles, promote healing, and relieve soreness, massages can make anyone feel completely relaxed and revitalized. With all the technological progress of the digital age, it was only a matter of time before full body massage chairs got an update of their own.

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Relaxonchair MK II- Need an affordable chair with all the features?

A zero gravity massage chair located in the home is a convenient and easy way to obtain a massage.  Most massage chairs on the market provide you with relaxation.This chair has many features that relieve muscle fatigue, knead out knots, and provide lower back relief. This all helps to remove stress and tension from aching muscles.Continue reading

Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM-EC 161 -More bang for your buck?

Zero gravity massage chairs are a viable option for those who want to relax stiff muscles, relieve aching joints, improve circulation.

Experience the comfort of massage without the hassle of booking and attending therapy sessions. Massage chairs can offer the same benefits at any time of day, in your own home.

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